Essential WordPress Settings after WP Installation

Following are the essential things to be done inside WordPress Dashboard after you install WordPress on your website domain. I covered only important settings below to make it quick and brief. You are free to make more changes as long as you are the boss! πŸ™‚

1. Reading Settings

Go to Settings >> Reading
Select what you want to show in your WordPress website homepage. You can either select your latest posts or just a static page from the list of pages. Secondly, if you select posts, decide how many posts to be shown in a page.
Finally, check mark Discourage search engines from indexing this site option (shown above) if your website is not ready to be indexed by search engines like Google. It is recommended to check this if your site is brand new without any content. Make sure you uncheck this after you publish posts or create a homepage.

2. Change Permalink

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for all websites to get good ranking in search engines like Google and get more visitors. Unfortunately post URL/address is not SEO-friendly after fresh installation of WordPress. It is highly recommended to change it as shown below:
Go to Settings >> Permalink >> choose Post name

3. Make Private or Delete Sample Contents

By default, new installation of WordPress will have a sample page and a sample post (titled Hello world) with a sample comment. You can either delete these or mark as private/draft to avoid appearing on live site.
To delete:
Go to Posts >> All Posts - hover over the list - click Trash
To keep and use later to edit:
Posts >> All Posts - hover - click Quick Edit - check Private
Similarly do this for the sample page:
Pages >> All Pages
Sample comment here:
Comments >> Trash to delete

4. Rename or Delete Sample Category

By default there will be a sample category in a fresh WordPress installation titled Uncategorized.
Posts >> Categories >> Delete or Quick Edit to rename

5. Remove Hello Dolly Plugin / Activate Akismet

Like a default post/page/comment, all new WordPress installation will be loaded with two famous plugins/extensions from the WordPress family – one useless plugin called Hello Dolly and one useful anti-spam comments plugin called Akismet. You can delete Hello Dolly and activate Akismet by going to:
Plugins >> Installed Plugins >> Akismet >> Activate
When you activate Akismet plugin, you will be prompted with Set up your Akismet account button. Click that then Get your API key and register with your email to get the key. Copy-paste the API key and click Connect with API key to get a successful message “Akismet is now protecting your site from spam. Happy blogging!“.

6. Edit Default User Profile

Your name might appear everywhere around your blog or even on popular news channels when you become famous. πŸ™‚ So I recommend you keep it real and simple!
Users >> Your Profile
Fill up at least the First Name, Nickname and Display name publicly as options.

7. Other Recommended Settings

A couple of final quick settings to check out.
Settings >> General
Site TitleExample:
TaglineExample: Just another but Awesome WP Tips site!
Timezonechoose your timezone. After saving, check this section again to make sure “Local time is XXXX” displaying the correct time.

Settings >> Discussion
Default Avatar – choose Gravatar Logo
Turning on Gravatar is must for every WordPress user. Don’t ask me why, just turn on and save the settings! I’ll tell you why later! πŸ™‚

That’s all essential quick WordPress settings right after installation. Hope it helped!