20 Great Features of Self-hosted WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most useful, popular and fully customizable blogging platform. All popular bloggers are using WordPress as it is the best and most user-friendly content management system (CMS) and blogging platform. It has many great features which can boost your ranking in search engines like Google.

Below are the list of features available in a self-hosted WordPress Blog.

  1. Software Installation
  2. Plugin Installation
  3. Custom CSS
  4. Themes installation
  5. Multi-author Support
  6. Web Hosting Requirement
  7. Google mail integration
  8. Backup Support
  9. Import and Export
  10. Sitemap Support
  11. Categories and Tags
  12. RSS syndication
  13. Forums
  14. Sidebar Widgets
  15. Access to codes
  16. Access to Data Base
  17. Spam Protection
  18. Social media compatibility
  19. Dashboard
  20. Avatar Support

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