How to Promote Your Blog Offline

The vast majority of blog promotion advice is, understandably enough, based on Internet marketing strategies. However, I think it’s just as important to promote your blog in the offline world. Your readers are, after all, people, and although we may spend a large part of our time online, it’s refreshing to tell others about your blog project(s) the old-fashioned way in person. Here are a few tips for getting the word out there about your blog offline.

Organize a meetup

There’s nothing more fulfilling than meeting your readers face-to-face. If you have many readers who live in your area, put up an announcement on your blog to meet and discuss your niche. It’s a great way to meet other bloggers and potential readers. is one way to organize a local get-together beyond the parameters of your blog.

Write for a local newspaper or magazine

Although many people are announcing the veritable death of physical publications, the fact of the matter is that “dead tree” media is still widely used. Writing an article for a local paper or magazine gives you an opportunity to reach out to a completely different set of readers.

Tell your close circle of family and friends

This may seem like a tip that’s too obvious to even write about. But I know tons of bloggers who, for whatever reason, blog in secret. I suppose it’s out of some sort of embarrassment, but the people you know well are often the ones who will be your most ardent supporters and promoters. You’d be surprised by how fast your readership can spread simply by word-of-mouth.

Make business cards

Business cards may seem old fashioned, but there’s a reason they still exist they work. Several times a week, going about our business, we have chance encounters with strangers or we make new acquaintances while engaged in various activities. Having business cards with your blog information on you at all times gives you an opportunity to spread the word about your blog when such encounters occur. While telling new acquaintances about your blog is great, giving them a business card means they’ll remember it later.

These are only a few easy ways you can reach out to more readers offline. Above all, remember that promoting your blog doesn’t have to be a 100% online endeavor. Every second of every day presents a new opportunity to engage a wider audience.

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