Offering Freebies on Your Site

As a publisher, you must constantly keep your finger on your site’s pulse, making sure your visitors are happy, your site content is fresh and that you are enjoying a healthy revenue stream, or at least have a game-plan and on your way to one. There are plenty of ways to profit from your site, and it often comes in the form of text ads (think AdSense), banner ads, or Action-based offers from an affiliate network of your choice. An often overlooked niche, that is gaining recognition for its effectiveness in allowing publishers to gain an extra revenue stream and helping out visitors get what they want, is here to stay. This hot niche is “Free Stuff”. And who doesn’t like something for FREE?

Each time you the publisher think about placing certain ads or offers on your page, you must do a careful cost-benefit analysis. You need to ask yourself the “Is it really worth it?” question. What’s meant here is, will the extra revenue that the new ads or offers bring in, we worth annoying some of my site visitors? There’s always a tug of war going on between the publisher’s desire to increase revenues and the importance in keeping the site visitors coming back again and again. The great thing about “Free Stuff” is that it caters to the needs of both publishers and their site visitors. Visitors get access to some nice Freebies, while publishers enjoy some extra cash in their pockets. While this sounds like every publisher’s dream come true, publishers must be very careful in choosing the “Free Stuff” they offer.

There are plenty of scammy “Free Stuff” offers that are anything but free. Such offers may not only ruin your visitor’s experience, but may do some serious damage to your site’s reputation. Publisher must put all such offers under scrutiny to be really sure that their site only carries QUALITY “Free Stuff” offers. Sounds like a lot of work, eh? Well, it is. There are no shortcuts to growing a healthy revenue stream for the long haul. Another way to go about getting “Free Stuff” offers is via a trusted time tested advertising network that specializes in Freebies or Free Stuff. While such a Network may take a cut from “Free Stuff” offers served, meaning you’ll get paid a bit less than if you were hunting and placing the offers yourself, it may well be worth it to join a reputable network for the following reasons:

1. Time

The network may often grant you access to hundreds or even thousands of offers all in one place. This saves you time, and lets you focus on what you know best: taking care of your site.

2. Quality

Each network has certain guidelines in place to ensure all “Free Stuff” deals are quality offers. This will give you the peace of mind that your visitors will be happy with the offers you present them with.

3. Relevancy

Networks with many offers can help you display “Free Stuff” that is highly relevant to your site’s content. The network I work with provides publishers with unique freebies, samples and trial offers across a wide spectrum of categories. From our past experience, publishers offering “Free Stuff” that is closely aligned with the general motif of their site content tend to do considerably better than their peers who place a mix of offers on their sites in the hope that they’ll be useful or of interest to someone, working off the logic “well it’s free stuff… and everyone loves free stuff”. Recently, we had a high trafficked content blog publisher focused on photography tips and tricks who was running some random offers, join our network. We recommended that he place “Free Stuff” offers from our “Photo” category. Needless to say, the results improved dramatically practically overnight. Achieving relevancy is highly relevant with Free Stuff.

4. Fresh Content

By joining a network you are pretty much guaranteed a fresh inflow of offers and don’t need to worry about keeping your offers up to date. Not only do you save time, but you reap the benefits of fresh quality content that your visitors love, automatically and constantly updated by the network.

Whether you decide to join a network, or be on the constant lookout for new quality Free Stuff offers yourself, one thing is clear, with the right Free Stuff offers, both the publisher and site visitors are left the winners!

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