Ways Free Online Cloud Storage Can Improve Your Efficiency

Online storage has seen phenomenal growth in the past year, thanks in no small part to companies like Dropbox. Dropbox and the other services give you a certain amount of free online storage that you can use from anywhere there’s an Internet connection, with any number of Internet-enabled devices. More than just a new trend, it would seem that the time for online storage has really come. Businesses and individuals alike are finding new ways to use this technology.

Here are some ways that free online storage sites can improve your efficiency:

Less email overhead

Sending attachments is one of the least efficient ways to get a file to someone else (or to yourself in another location). Every time you create an attachment, you create another instance of the file. You open up the possibility that the current version of the file will be mistaken for a previous version, and you add to the amount of space being used in your email inbox. Online storage is significantly more efficient than emailing files back and forth.

Real time collaboration

Let’s suppose you’re developing a presentation along with other members of your team. Each of you has data that needs to be added to the presentation, and is responsible for certain elements. Rather than creating a single file that has to be handled one at a time, some online storage services allow you to access that file from multiple locations by multiple users in real time. This saves tons of time in going back and forth, allowing for real-time collaboration.

Mobile access

Online storage has a huge advantage over any other type of storage: you can access your files from anywhere that has an Internet connection. That means no more fumbling to find your USB drive to plug in to give a sales pitch when you’re visiting a client. It means having the data you need at your fingertips. Many online storage services work with multiple devices, as well, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Project management enhancements

here are some online services that integrate well with your existing project management software, and there are other services that provide you with built-in project management features. Regardless of which type you choose, having the ability to attach given files to milestones within a project greatly reduces time spent digging around trying to find the right information.

Effective file delivery

Anyone who’s ever had to send an attachment knows that they’re not always the most reliable way to get a file to someone. With an online storage service, you create a link to send to the recipient, and from that link they then can download the file. While the email with your link could certainly go missing just like an email with an attachment could, the file is still out there regardless, waiting to be accessed.

If you haven’t looked into the world of online storage, do some exploring and see just how these services can increase your efficiency today.

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