Sending Tweets Through Facebook is The Success Key for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is fast turning out to be a highly effective and efficient technique that lets you promote your business online with ease. Highly popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter lets you reach out to large audiences without having to spend a lot of money for advertising and marketing. It is not surprising that these social media sites are being relied upon heavily for online marketing, whether it is for promoting your business or building a brand image over a period of time. However, the success of social media marketing lies in maintaining the right balance of promotions and updates to notify the target audience about significant changes. You can now use your Facebook page to stay in touch with the target audience and provide first hand updates about promotional offers, best deals and discounts being offered by your brand.

One of the latest innovations in the social media marketing space is the new Twitter application that lets you update your tweets through your Facebook page. All you need to do is install the Twitter’s Facebook app, by going to the twitter Application page on Facebook and clicking ‘allow’ on the ‘Go to Application’ link. Once this is done, you have to log in to your Twitter account to allow Facebook to access it. There is a choice for users to allow Twitter to update statuses on their Facebook profile as well. It is now possible to access tabs like Twitter home, profile and settings, all from Facebook which means one can virtually access every aspect of Twitter through Facebook.

Being able to access your Twitter profile from your Facebook page has several advantages. Firstly, the fact that you need not log into separate social media sites to post similar updates can save a lot of time and effort. In addition to convenience, you can also manage your online marketing strategy from the same account. You can update your Facebook status as well as tweet at the same time if you want to. Special applications such as TweetDeck can help you post messages on Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, thanks to multiple account support offered by such applications.

Integrating your Twitter profile into the Facebook page can do wonders for your business, especially if you are a start-up. This can be particularly useful if you have different sets of followers or target audiences on Facebook and Twitter. The success of social media marketing solely depends on the number of people you can reach out to without having to stretch yourself thin. Sending tweets through Facebook helps you achieve this. A large number of businesses, both big and small, are now switching over from traditional marketing techniques to this option to save money, time and effort. If you want to establish a strong market presence online and move ahead of competitors, it is time to harness the true potential of the two most powerful social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook.

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