Types of WordPress Websites You Can Create

Before you create a website, it is recommended keep in mind the purpose of your website. It can help you to choose the design or layout of your website. Websites can be for personal or business purposes. You can visit WordPress to create any types of website.

Types of Websites You Can Create

  • Personal Website or Blog – to post personal life happenings and blog posts of your interest. You can create a tech blog or cooking blog or any blog to post some random things!
  • Business Website – an online presence for your business to showcase your products, vision and mission. You can also add a blog section, a contact form for website visitors, addresses and location maps of office and branches. Having a website for your business is essential these days for digital marketing to reach out potential customers online.
  • E-commerce or Online Shopping Website – to showcase and sell your physical products and services, accept orders and payments online, keep your customers updated with new products and promotions across your physical stores and online store. You can also sell digital products like eBook downloads or other web services online.
  • Forums or Q&A or Community Website – to ask questions, answer other members, message them, add them as friends, create groups and build a beautiful community! You can also create a social media website of your own!
  • Photography or Portfolio Website – where you can showcase your unique work like arts, photography, calligraphy, software or websites or apps you built.
  • Business Directory or Links or Classifieds Website – to list local businesses by category with their contact information. You can get paid for offering a premium or a featured listing. When your website becomes popular, there are businesses ready to pay you to feature them on the top or on your homepage! Like they pay Google!
  • Resume or CV showcase – to showcase your profile online in a unique way. You can create an attractive eye-catching online CV showing your experiences and qualifications, achievements, portfolio, social media and contact links.

Not sure about the type of website you want to create? No worries! Start with a blog. You can change your design and layouts later when you change your mind! It’s easy to change themes when you create a WordPress site.

If you need any guidance on creating websites on your own, feel free to drop comments below. Enjoy learning cool stuff ๐Ÿ™‚