Ways to Boost Online Traffic

When web counters are still popular, you tend to look up to websites that drive thousands and thousands of web traffic daily. These web counters are the turning point as to why you wanted more people to visit your website. Aside from that, what makes you drool about having a huge volume of traffic is not really the numbers that you see but the benefits it give you such as:

  • Popularity and Branding
  • Authority to some keywords
  • Increasing Revenue

You want to create an e-commerce website or just a personal blog to be able to get one or all of the above benefits mentioned. However, there are a lot of websites out there for you to compete. How will you stand out? How will you get yourself out from the mainstream?

You are not required to do extreme scamming and spamming measures to be able to do that. No. All you have to do is to follow some tried and tested ways for you to boost your online traffic. Here are the ways how:

Decide on a Niche

You do not have to be a know-it-all to be able to establish popularity. You are only required to be the best in one thing (at least for a website). If you are an online entrepreneur, sell what you sell best. Even if you are already best at that, do your homework, research, or conduct a survey. Once you hit the right keywords for your website and learn to maximize them, you are sure to get a good SERP ranking and invite a good volume of traffic.

Learn SEO Techniques

SEO is not mainly focused in building links. It is more of making your website suitable for users and as well as search engines. The best result you can do if you follow search engine standards and techniques is getting on top of all the rest of your competitors in SERPs. In this way, you will be able to get more traffic as visitors respond best to those websites they see on the first page.

Engage yourself in Social Media

The Social Media will let you post your own website links and promote your links in your status updates, tweets, or whatever they call it. You can also answer to queries and feedback using your social media accounts and be able to interact with your customers. Engaging yourself and your business in the social network would mean a more personalized way in interacting with your audiences and your clients.

Promote your website through Email

Have all the email addresses you have from friends, clients, and family and promote your new ebook or any material you have in your website. Do not forget to give them a button or a link that will lead them to respond to the call to action.

YouTube Video Marketing

As per YouTube statistics, there are nearly 17 million people have connected their accounts to the most popular Social Networks and you can go figure as to how many subscribers they already have at the moment. As you create your profile in YouTube, you can customize your page using your own background images or use colors that resembles your own website. You can place your website link in your profile and as well as in the annotations of your videos. Creating a killer video with your website links visible on it will also help you gain that much coveted website traffic.

Write a high quality content and submit to Article Directories, E-magazines, to blogs as Guest posts, and Press Release Sites

Writing a compelling, relevant, and informative content will help you build a good reputation and credibility online. How do you invite traffic from there? Some websites allow two-three links in the body of the article and or in the author biography. This means that if people find your article useful, or your highlighted keywords relevant to them, you will be able to gather tons of traffic.

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